Online Writing Lessons: Words to Use in a Persuasive Essay

The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to actually persuade the reader in your statements and ideas. Of course, strong arguments and good evidence play the main role in this. However, you may increase the chance of persuading your reader by using the right words and phrases in your writing.

Words and Phrases to Use in a Persuasive Essay

  • Words and phrases that illustrate your point.

For example, in particular, specifically, for instance, namely, like, such as;

  • Words and phrases that introduce an example.

As an example, thus, in the instance of, to illustrate, in other words;

  • Words and phrases that make suggestions.

Keeping this in mind, therefore, to this end, for this purpose;

  • Words and phrases that make a transition between information.

However, equally as important, also, otherwise, besides that, likewise, furthermore, similarly, as a result;

  • Words and phrases that contrast points.

In spite of, on the other hand, instead, by the same token, nevertheless, conversely, despite, yet;

  • Words and phrases that help to make conclusions.

As a result of, in conclusion, with this in mind, because of this, since, in short, for this reason, due to, so.

  • Other useful words and phrases.

Obviously, I am certain, although it may seem, it has come to my attention that, regardless, I ask you to think about, what needs to be done.

Common Persuasive Essay Strategies

There are several strategies that you can use in your text to persuade the readers. Having learned how to use them all, you’ll compose excellent persuasive and argumentative papers.

  1. Pathos.

This is a strategy that involves the usage of emotional language. It’s designed to make the readers feel for you.

  1. Big names.

This strategy implies using the names of well-known experts that support the same position that you do.

  1. Logos.

This is a strategy that involves using logic and factual evidence to support the points in which you’re trying to persuade the reader.

  1. Ethos.

This strategy implies the usage of language that will show that you’re reliable and can be trusted.

If you have difficulties with composing persuasive essays, you may take special writing courses in an academic center. There, you’ll learn how to select a proper topic for your paper, find good arguments to support your position, make an outline for your paper, and compose each section of your text. If you don’t have enough money to pay for courses, at least, search for decent guidelines on the Internet and examine well-written sample papers.