Tried and true methods of writing a persuasive essay on bullying

Over the past two decades, there have been a variety of bully stories in school amongst young kids (and even older adults) that have circulated mainstream media and social networks. The only individuals who condone bullying (unfortunately) are those who are bullies themselves.

Harming someone in any fashion (verbally, physically, and on social media today) is not something that should be accepted at all. Lessons have been learned and while bullying is not an obsolete situation in our society just yet, it is slowly, but surely steaming out.

When the topic of your persuasive essay is based upon bullying, there are go-to methods and perspectives that you can use to your advantage.

Anti-bullying programs

Once bullying became a major issue across the country is when the advocates for stopping it began to be heard. Locally, individuals (even students) did their absolute best against bullying (and bullies in specific) greatly. There were times when victims of bullying did not say anything because they were afraid of future harassment. Now there are anti-bullying programs available for individuals to go to and report bullies anonymously if they so desire.

The effects of bullying (bullies and victims)

While we focus on making sure the victims of bullying are safe and feel secure on a daily basis despite past experiences, we also need to focus on bullies as well. When bullies (especially young kids in elementary, middle, and high school) grow up thinking that they can be violent and get away with it, that fosters a mindset that attributes to other violence including criminals (which we need to stop sooner than later for the sake of society and the bullies).

Videos of bullies getting a dose of their own medicine

Thanks to social media (in a mixed bag) when bullies are caught harassing other individuals people record them. In many videos, bullies end up getting a dose of their own medicine when underestimating the individuals they harass. This does not mean one should condone violence against violence; however, it should send a message that many victims of bullying end up taking self-defense classes for their own safety. Hopefully, bullies begin to realize that one day they are going to choose the wrong person to harass and get a dose of their own medicine.
One thing that everyone can agree with is that bullying is an issue that we should never let go unnoticed. As stated earlier, bullying is not as worse as it used to be. Nonetheless it still exists. There are still instances when bullying goes unnoticed/unreported, and that is the major area we need to continue address on a daily basis. With these tried and true methods, not only will you be forming an essay just to complete an assignment for your class, but you also continue to shed light on a serious situation in society.